Wireless Range Extending Repeater


MAD Repeater

The repeater increases the available range between the wireless monitors and the gateway, if needed. Repeaters are often installed near dead zones, against reinforced walls or where interference is occuring.

Easy Upgrade

Best-in-class range. Plugs directly into wall. No configuration.

Avoid / Defeat Interference

Repeaters can be used to route around, or clobber, interference from other radio devices.

Zero Maintenance

Once registered and plugged into power, you are done, forever.

Industrial Grade

Completely enclosed, high grade plastic enclosure. No wires to trip on.

Daisy Chain

Repeaters can daisy chain, or piggy back to increase your MAD network range evn further.

Include Outbuildings

Extend your network range to include separate buildings on your lot.


20 +

Mile range, in open field

300,000 +

Sq. Ft. Servicing Range

100 +

Repeaters Supported Per Gateway


Repeater Daisy Chain Max

Monitor Basics

Operation Overview

The repeater allows a single gateway to service a larger area. Repeaters can be daisy chained to extend a gateway's range even further or to overcome areas of high interference. Repeater installation is very simple.


Service Range





The repeater is a cost effective way to increase the serviceable range of your MAD Monitor sensor network.

Before Starting

Planning Steps

If you have not configured your MAD Portal yet then the MAD Portal's help file introduction is not only recommended, it is required reading for a succesful installation. If you have not read the Introduction section of the MAD Portal help section (At least through #2 Portal Walk Through), please do so. A link to the help section can be found in the top right area of the MAD Portal.

Before the repeater can be used in your MAD Monitor network it must be registered. This can be done by using the iOS or Android apps (MAD Monitor on iTunes and Google Play store), or at the MAD Portal. The app is the easiest way to register a repeater. Once the app is installed, login to the app using the MAD Monitor credentials assigned by your administrator. Go to the "Additional functions" list. Select "Register New Repeater", press the "Go" button, follow the steps presented by the app. If the repeater is currently powered on then it should be power cycled after registration.

Before physically installing the repeater it is important to have an installation location selected where wall power is available. Using a starter kit or a range test kit is the recommended way to find the optimal repeater and gateway positioning. More information on the range testing process can be found in the documentation section.


Drawings & Instructions

After registration is complete the physical installation consists of plugging the included wall adapter into AC power and then plug the repeater into the wall adapter. The repeater should start functioning after approximately one minute.

The repeater installation location will ideally have line of sight to a gateway, other repeaters, and as many monitors as possible that are operating on the network this repeater is servicing. Unfortunately, and generally, this is not possible for a variety of reasons. So, for all practical purposes the installation location should be: Somewhere safely out of the way (physical access to the gateway would only be required in emergency situations) As central as possible in the area requiring increased coverage but still as close to line of sight as possible with the gateway and/or other repeaters. As far as possible from interference (placement directly against a solid 6 foot cube of steel will provide much less coverage than placement 6, or 20 foot away from that same cube of steel. This is also true for other high density or high interference objects. Any distance helps.) You must have AC power available at the installation location.

Range Testing

Download Pdf

2D Drawings

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3D Drawings

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The repeater is the simplest device in the MAD line up to install. Register the repeater. Plug the repeater in. Wait one minute. Enjoy the extended range.

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