100% Wireless Performance Monitor


Wireless Monitor

The Wireless Monitor is the heart of our automated monitoring system. It consists of the MAD Monitor proprietary sensor technology, a long-range best-in-class 900MHz, 2.4GHz, or cellular radio and comes enclosed in a water, oil and solvent resistant, O-ring sealed, industrial grade, IP67, aluminum case.


Best-in-class range. 900MHz, 2.4GHz, Cellular and other options are available.

Battery Life

Under normal operating conditions battery life is primarily based on transmission frequency. Our base models reach 40,000+ transmissions before battery change.

Battery Maintenance

Low battery notifications can be configured. Batteries are on-site, owner replaceable.

Easy Installation

Easy to install. Optional retrofit case for easy replacement of inferior monitors.

IP67 Rated

The MAD Monitor's aluminum enclosure is O-ring sealed, built for an industrial environment, and time tested to keep your monitors safe and running smoothly for many, many years to come.

Location Tracking

Several location tracking options are available. Automatically determine or scan location tags to know a molds location during production, storage or transit.


110,000,000 +

Max Count On A Live Customer Monitor

90,000 +

Records Before Transmission Required

40,000 +

Transmissions Before Battery Change

100 %


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Monitor Basics

Operation Overview

The MAD Monitor consists of our proprietary sensor technology, a long-range top-of-its-class 900MHz, or other, radio(s) and comes wrapped in a water, oil and solvent resistant, O-ring sealed, industrial grade, aluminum case. Each monitor is assigned to, and installed on, a mold or die and can be configured to transmit data, and optionally an email or text message notification, based on a set schedule and / or thresholds for each sensor type included in that model of monitor (i.e. Cycle count, cycle time high and low, temperature, etc. ). The monitors can use 900MHz, and other frequencies, to communicate with an on-site gateway, which will in-turn, transmit the information to the data center. Optionally, the monitors can use a cellular radio (i.e. AT&T, Verizon, etc.), which bypasses the need for an on-site gateway and reports directly to the data center.

Additionally, monitors and location tags can be scanned so the current location, and any previous production or storage locations, can be reported. If your monitor is equipped with GPS or Blue Tooth location services then manual QR scanning is often not required at all.

Quick Notes:
Long-life Batteries

On-site Replaceable


IP67 Rated

Wireless Range

Best In Class

Range and battery life are dependent on the settings and environment of each monitor. Starter kits are available in order to asses the best gateway placement locations, available range, and desirable repeater locations if any are necessary. If you would like more detailed information please:

Contact us

Before Starting

Planning Steps

When setting up the MAD system for the first time, the MAD Portal's help file introduction is not only recommended, it is required reading for a succesful installation. If you have not read the Introduction section of the MAD Portal help section (At least through #2 Portal Walk Through), please do so. A link to the help section can be found in the top right area of the MAD Portal.

Now that you have read the Introduction in the MAD Portal help section there are some things you will want to setup in the MAD Portal, for instance asset types and location names, depending on your use case scenario, before you begin. If you are not using cellular monitors, you will also need to configure a gateway before you can succesfully use a MAD monitor. Once you have completed the necessary preparatory steps you will then want to register the monitor. The easiest way, is to:

Get New Mold

Information Ready

Login To

MAD Monitor App

Select To Register

New Asset &Monitor

Scan Monitor's

QR Code

Enter Asset

Info & Verify

Login To Portal

Configure Options

Once the mold is registered, and optionally configured, you can press the transmit button to update the count, performance and location information. You will now receive feedback from the LED (depending on model of monitor and current settings). Once the transmission is complete the asset can be scanned with the MAD Monitor App and the new information can be seen. This information is also available at the MAD Portal, via email or text message notifications and can be pushed and/or pulled into your internal ERP, AMS, Etc.

The monitor can now be installed on the mold or die.


Drawings & Instructions

Our drawings and photography often show the monitor and actuator being pocketed in the mold. This is not a requirement. Thhe monitor and actuator are both industrial quality devices made from the ground up to withstand the rigors of the mold, die and stamping industries. They are pocketed to help protect against the occasional hi-low mishap or similar, but pocketing can also reduce range, especially for GPS or cellular enabled monitors. If you have a mold being made, and you are using 900MHz monitors, you might as well pocket the monitor to give it that extra protection. If the mold is already in production the monitor / actuator installation can be as simple as two screws each. If you have questions, please contact us.

Installation File

Download pdf


Download PDF

3D Drawings

Download Zip

We also offer retrofit adapters that allow some MAD Monitor models to be mounted in the footprint use by the previously installed counter product

If using an AC Powered or External Sensor enabled Monitor you may want to allow extra space around any external ports in order to allow for easier attachment / detachment of necessary cables. It is recommended that hands-on testing is used, at least initially, to determine the most effective pocket size if external attachments will be used with the monitor.


4G / LTE Monitors

The cellular monitor builds on our proven sensor and enclosure technology and provides the ability to bypass the requirement for an internal gateway, sending your data directly to the data center. The cellular monitor is especially advantageous in circumstances where a gateway cannot be installed. If your mold's are being run in a facility that does not allow a gateway to be installed, or you would like to track location during transit or repair, or your dies are stored in a building without an internet connection then the cellular monitor could be the perfect fit.

Monitor Location

In Transit

Monitor Performance


Access Your Data

From Anywhere

Cellular monitors provide an unparalleled monitoring range but they are also restricted to areas with cell phone coverage and do require more battery power per transmission. For the best of both worlds, please read further about our Multi-Radio Monitors.

Multi Radio

Failover & Efficiency

The Multi-Radio Monitor takes the reliability and low power of the 900 MHz monitor and combines it with the long range of the cellular Monitor to provide the best of both worlds. The monitor uses computer learning and AI in order to decide which radio to use and at which power level in order to have the lowest overall power profile possible. AI choices can be overriden in order to provide better battery life, more frequent updates, etc.

Battery Life

100% Maximum

Wireless Range

100% Maximum


100% Maximum

The Multi-Radio Monitor can also be configured to give precedence to cellular or 900MHz radios in a failover setup as opposed to using location and operating parameters to "decide" the most efficient radio to use for each transmission.

Please contact us with any questions