MAD Gateway - Industrial Strength Connectivity


900 MHZ Gateway

The Gateway is the communication hub between your MAD monitors and the MAD portal. The gateway provides unparalleled reliability and offers optional failover between wired, WiFi and LTE network connections.

Wireless Monitor Communication

Best-in-class range. 900MHz, 2.4GHz, Cellular and other options are available.

Monitor Capacity

Under normal monitor reporting conditions, over 1,000 monitors can easily be supported by a single gateway.

Gateway Updates

Regular updates are delivered and installed automatically via internet.

Industrial Grade

High grade plastic enclosure, O-ring sealed and built for an industrial environment.

IP67 Rated

The MAD Gateway enclosure is designed to keep your gateway safe and running smoothly for many, many years to come.

Provides OTA Monitor Updates

Manages and delivers over-the-air(OTA) updates to your monitors.


1,000,000 +

Sq. Ft. Coverage (environment dependent)

1,000 +

Monitors supported per gateway

4 +

Internet connection options


Gateway required per building

Gateway Basics

Operation Overview

The Gateway receives performance updates from the Wireless Monitors and transmits it to the MAD Portal. The Gateway automatically updates itself, downloads new monitor settings and Over-The-Air monitor updates, and relays them to the Wireless Monitor unit(s). Gateway capacity is dependent on monitor transmission settings but, under normal circumstances, 1000 or more monitors can be serviced by a single gatewway. All models of the gateway have best-in-class range and gateways using 900MHz, and other frequenecies, can be extended by installing repeaters in locations of inteference or increased range requirements.

Before connecting your organization’s initial gateway it is very important to login to the MAD Portal and read the Introduction and Overview of the help section.

Reliable Service

Wired, WiFi & LTE

Zero Maintenance

Configure & Forget

Manages Monitors

Runs OTA Updates

The gateway is not required when cellular monitors have been exclusively used throughout your installation. Using cellular monitors is functionally very different than using a cellular gateway. When a cellular monitor is used the monitor's performance data is sent directly through the cellular provider to the MAD Portal and no gateway is used. Conversely, when using a cellular gateway, data is sent from the monitor to the gateway using a 900MHz, or other, radio and that data is then relayed to the MAD Portal through the cellular provider.

Before Starting

Planning Steps

When setting up the MAD system for the first time, the MAD Portal's help file introduction is not only recommended, it is required reading for a succesful installation. If you have not read the Introduction section of the MAD Portal help section (At least through #2 Portal Walk Through), please do so. A link to the help section can be found in the top right area of the MAD Portal.

Now that you have read the Introduction in the MAD Portal help section and you have configured the MAD Portal, the next step will be to register your gateway. The easiest way, is to:

Login To

MAD Monitor App

Register Gateway

Scan QR Code

Setup Network

Test & Install

Once the gateway is configured on the network its status can be viewed by pointing a web browser to the IP Address of the gateway. The last known IP Address of the gateway can be obtained by scanning the Gateway's QR Code with the MAD Monitor App. Configuring WiFi settings is only available by logging into the command line directly. For more information please review the knowledge base and the MAD Portal Help section or submit a ticket.


Drawings & Instructions

The installation of the gateway will be dependent on your location's geographic, architectural and content characteristics. For installations smaller than 100,000 Sq. Ft. gateway placement is not as critical. For larger installations it is important to purchase a starter kit or range test kit to help pin point the best location for a permanent gateway installation. Once installed the gateway can still be managed via the web interface or the command line with ssh or physical connection if practical.

In regard to physical installation, once the proper position has been location the gateway must be screwed or fastened down according to that gateway models individual instructions.

Network Setup

Download Pdf

Gateway FAQ

Go Now

2 Hours

Support Included

The gateway most important part of the gateway installation is configuring it for internet access. If you have an IT department it is imperative to have them involved early in the process. If location-provided internet is not preferred or available then cellular monitors or cellular gateways can be used in either permantent installations or just for proof of concept testing.


4G / LTE Monitors

The cellular radio is powerful addition to the MAD gateway line up. This option is available in two versions. One version simply allows the gateway to connect to the internet via WiFi or Cellular and the other version allows the gateway to be configured for failover between wired, WiFi and Cellular internet for the most reliable connection. The cellular gateway allows your organization to use 900MHz, 2.4GHz or other non-cellular MAD Monitors in a facility that does not have, or will not provide access to an internet connection at the gateway installation location. Cellular gateway connectivity can help speed up proof of concept installations by bypassing the need for IT approval on a new internet device and it is also useful when your molds will be run in a third party facility, where accessing an internet connection could be physically or politically difficult.

Long Range

Gateway Hub


Cellular Radio

Installation Approval

Easily Granted

The cellular gateway is often chosen due to it not needing a separate internet connection. When customers are testing / installing the MAD Monitor system we have noticed that a lot of the work has to do with getting an approval from the IT department for a new internet device. The other problem that we have noticed is when molds or dies are operated or stored by third parties. The third part does not often allow a new internet device to be installed on their network and the owner of the MAD system may not want their information flowing across internet lines owned by the third party. The cellular gateway removes these roadblocks, which, in turn, makes it easier for you to test and eventually provision the MAD Monitor system in your organization.

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