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Mobile App Basics

Operation Overview

The Mold and Die (MAD) Monitor app allows you to extend the power of the MAD Monitoring system to your mobile device. This allows companies in the mold and die industries to track their asset’s global geographic location, in plant physical location, cycle count, cycle times, asset tag photos, temperature, 2D and 3D design files, bill of materials, owner’s manuals, repair logs and other files, photos and videos from their mobile devices.

The MAD Monitor App allows you to easily register new hardware and upload & download setup, process & other files.

Never lose your mold or die’s data again, or for that matter, the mold or die itself.

Scan & Search For

Location, Performance Data & Files

Download the Mold And Die Monitor app from iTunes and from Google Play

Before Starting

Planning Steps

The mobile app does not require any planning before use if anonymous scanning has been enabled for your monitors. The anonymous scanning option allows people to scan the QR Code for basic information without being required to login to the MAD Monitor app.

If anonymous scanning is not enabled, or to access further functionality such as registering new devices and assets or managing files, you must login to the MAD Monitor app with a username and password provided by your MAD Portal Administrator.

Before logging into the MAD Monitor App you will want to make sure the MAD Portal has been configured. Initial configuration of the MAD Portal is discussed in the MAD Portal's help file, the introduction of which, is not only recommended, it is required reading for a succesful installation. If you have not read the Introduction section of the MAD Portal help section (At least through #2 Portal Walk Through), please do so. A link to the help section can be found in the top right area of the MAD Portal.

If Anonymous Enabled

Info Without Login

Register Devices

Login Required

Access Files

Login Required

The app is the easiest place to register or view molds and assets one at a time. For aggregate information, such as end of year asset reports, the MAD Portal is recommended.


Drawings & Instructions

The MAD Monitor Mobile App was specifically designed with the most simple interface possible. Its large, well title menus and buttons should provide the assistance necessary to complete most tasks. For more detailed information, the app, and the app support documentation can be viewed below.

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