Wireless Mold and Die Performance Monitoring

100% Wireless, Industrial grade monitors with 24x7 access.

The wireless monitor is installed on each mold or die, and a gateway is installed within the facility. The monitor then reports performance and location data based on schedules and parameters configured for each monitor. The data can generate custom email and text alerts, be viewed at the MAD Portal, and can be imported into your internal ERP, etc. system.

 MAD Intro

Wireless Performance Monitor

The 100% wireless Mad Monitor tracks the location and performance of your molds and dies, notifying key personnel on schedule and when issues or key milestones occur. This data is available via email or sms notification, the MAD Monitor app, or anywhere in the world by logging into the MAD Portal.



The gateway transmits data to the cloud via wired, wifi or LTE. Multiple gateway styles are available for different connection options. A gateway is not required when using cellular monitors.



The repeater is an easy-to-implement and cost-effective method for extending the usable distance between a MAD Monitor and the MAD Gateway. This helps work through or around radio and structural interference and makes it simple to include storage and other outbuildings in your MAD Network coverage area.


Key Features

Cellular models with GPS are available and useful when molds and dies are moved between plants or outside vendors.

100% Wireless solution with industry leading range. No extra time or effort required from your mold setters

Industrial grade, IP67 aluminum case

Count, cycle time, temperature, location and tamper tracking are available now. More being added with customer feedback.

Configurable alerts notify you of important events via email or SMS

Enforce business processes with check-in / check-out of assets, signature requirements and custom fields

Performance data is available via web browser or mobile app


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